Everything Printed

Having spent over 2 years working for 'The Prospectus People', I have undoubtedly worked on my fair share of publicity brochures for all types of schools, colleges and universities.

I thoroughly enjoyed the creativity of each one, designed from scratch, often taking just a initial idea of theirs, such as a love for rainbows, through to the final design, encompassing all of their passion for their school into a fluid, finished piece.

Since I have gone freelance I have produced prospectuses for various companies across the UK. This is particularly popular as I offer a unique offer - initial concept design for free.

What else?

Here you will find a wider spectrum of the printed literature I have designed and produced, everything from simple application forms to a wine list.

Brochures & Catalogues

This was part of an emailable marketing brochure, to promote the various ranges. I designed the office, birthday and baking range.

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